Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blogstronomy: a blog about astronomy. Get it?

I thought I'd take a few lines to publicise my new(er) blog, Blogstronomy. It has more of a specific direction than this one. In short, I'm interested in (and educated, to a degree (literally) in) astronomy, and I've decided to set this new blog up to give myself a kick up the backside with respect to keeping myself up to date (and at the very least not forgetting everything I've learnt so far). It's here:

I won't waffle about it any more- take a look at my welcome post if you want a better feel for the direction I'd like it to take, and please please please have a flick through the rest of the stuff. Don't hesitate to ask questions either (that's kind of the whole point).

Oh, and if you know anyone who's into astronomy, space, science fiction, anything like that, please share this with them and get them to start asking the questions they've always wanted to know the answers to.

Thanks for reading!