Thursday, August 27, 2009

(David) Soul music

I went to Tamworth today, with a few of my colleagues, to visit a recently-ex-colleague and see his new house (gorgeous*).

But that's not what I want to blog about.

On the way up, a song came on the radio. This one, in fact:

I think it's a great song**, and by the volume increase in the car, so does our driver. Now, I love Starksy and Hutch (seriously. It's an astounding work of televisual art). If anyone's reading this, you may be forgiven for thinking something along the lines of 'well that was a hell of a non-sequitur,' so I shall explain myself: The blonde dude with the puppy-dog eyes who is singing in the above video is David Soul, who played Ken Hutchinson ('Hutch') in the aforementioned 70's American cop drama. Aside from chasing turkeys and bouncing wisecracks and one-liners off Paul Micheal Glaser (Dave Starsky), Soul also had something of a musical career, which included most famously Don't Give Up On Us Baby (released in January 1977, and spent 4 weeks at #1), the song I have included above.

I'm in something of a privileged position (admittedly in very limited, odd circles) in that my mum has a copy of the Don't Give Up On Us Baby single (don't you just love vinyl? I wasn't even around when vinyl was the norm, and even I love it). The B-side on this single is a song called Black Bean Soup, and I like it possibly even more than it's A-side big brother. It's horrendously cheesy, but a very innocent, happy, cheerful and positive song with it. Hearing Don't Give Up... on the radio this afternoon made me think of Black Bean Soup, a song I haven't heard for ages. It is that which I wish to share with you, whomever it might be who wanders in from the dark wastelands of the interweb and manages to read this far.

The video I've included below is a clip from one episode of the Starksky & Hutch TV show. Enjoy!

* The house, not the colleague.
** If tremendously cheesy, but since when did cheesiness alone make a song /bad/?