Friday, September 4, 2009

MORE thoughts on the Wii internet channel

After a couple of brilliant (and depressingly obvious) suggestions from Rob and Martin (let me know if you'd like your names to link to anything in particular), I decided to check out the BBC's iplayer and youtube on my Wii during this afternoon's exercise session.

I tried iplayer first. The home page loaded, as did the program pages that I clicked on. The programs themselves would not load, however, and just got stuck with those little loading-circles-going-round-in-circles things doing what they do for an agonisingly long time, before giving up and showing me some alternatives I might like to try. After none of these alternatives would load either, I went to youtube.

Youtube works well. It loaded fairly quickly, and the video itself was of decent quality when you take into account things like the camera used and the fact that the Wii is not a HD machine. The sound quality was excellent.

I went back to iplayer to give it one more chance- same result. Still pedalling away, I FWSE-ed to see if anyone else was having the same problem, or if it was an issue at my end. Apparently, since the free update on September 1st, many (if not all) Wii internet channel users have been experiencing the same thing. There appears to be a gremlin somewhere between iplayer and the Wii's version of Opera that is eating iplayer programs before they can be watched. Let's hope someone, somewhere works out what's gone wrong and how to fix it soon, so I can play with my toys. Maybe the google reader issue might get fixed along the way...

Until they do, the Wii internet channel remains little more than a gimmick, unless someone can come up with a genuinely useful use in the meantime!