Monday, September 28, 2009

Windows Movie Maker - First outing

We had a training session on Windows Movie Maker recently, in which we were introduced to the software, shown a couple of example movies, and then given half an hour or so to play around with it. Below is my thirty minutes' worth of effort. Yes, it's rubbish, but it's my first attempt so be gentle.

Who knows, I may feel like extending my abilities and having a go at something more sophisticated. For now, though, I hope it's enough to say that the movie below was made with absolutely no prior knowledge of the software involved, and with only the raw materials (sound files and images, etc) that I had at my immediate disposal on my laptop. It is my hope that it'll serve to inspire at least one person to give it a go themselves and produce something far superior.

The software, incidentally, comes free with Microsoft Windows (I have XP, and I am assured it's still there with Vista. Couldn't comment on any other versions), although I am sure there are open source alternatives available if you're of the type that wants to steer away from Microsoft. Any suggestions for free alternatives would be most gratefully received!