Sunday, October 25, 2009

Photography - CaM rehearsal

First off: CaM stands for Chimes at Midnight. It's a new (almost foetal) band that's being built from the ground up. The idea is to learn a bunch of songs (very) loosely centred around rock ballads from the 80s and see if we can seduce some people into wanting us to play at their weddings. CaM's website is at .Feel free to have a look, but there's not much there at the moment. With any luck, after today's extended rehearsal there should be some photos, mp3s and maybe even a video or two up there within the next couple of weeks.

I took the opportunity of the all-day rehearsal to play with my D60 again. Today I tried to play around with 'interesting'/ alternative viewpoints. As usual, these are reduced-quality versions to save on bandwidth and web hosting. If any of my bandmates would like copies, I can send the full-quality versions. Just ask.

Here are some of my efforts:

Meet Jennie. She's CaM's singist.

This is a microphone stand. The blurry guy is Chris. He's CaM's keyboardist.

This is my Pod. It makes me sound like I do when I'm playing. It has lots of buttons and is a beautiful piece of equipment!

Chris and Jennie singing something. Can't remember what.

Chris's keyboard, with Chris blurred in the background. Some people would say he's best viewed like this, but those people would be horrible, nasty people who don't deserve to be listened to.

I really like this one for some reason. It's mine and Paul's guitars, with a bit of my Pod thrown in for good measure.

Microphone and very blurry drum kit.

Pensive Chris. He was not, as far as I am aware, deliberately posing for this pic.

Most of our gear, including our drummer, Mike. Not sure whether he counts as gear or not. Did you know that you can tell how straight a stage is by looking at which way the drool falls out of a drummer's mouth? By the way, the guitars aren't dead. They're just resting.

I think this is the best photo of the day. Taken with a nice wide open aperture, hiding behind a cymbal and manually focussing (not very well, I'd admit) on Jennie and shouting "Oi, Jennie!" just before pressing the shutter release button.

This isn't a great picture, but I had to include it because:

  1. I didn't get any better ones of Paul.
  2. Paul would be upset if I didn't include a picture of him.
  3. Paul looks very silly in this picture.