Friday, November 27, 2009

Photography - Christmas 0.1

We had Christmas today.

Emma's sister Nikki has brought her boyfriend, Mats, over from Sweden for a visit, so we had an early Christmas Day Evening, complete with present-opening, large dinner and too many sweets.

I took the opportunity to play with my camera again. I didn't get many that I think are particularly good, but some capture the feeling of the evening nicely, and a couple are quite interesting (I think).

This is Nikki. It's been eleven months since she last visited, so she's beginning to develop an association in my mind with Christmas. Another couple of years and the two will be indistinguishable, which may cause problems. It was great to see her again, and even better to meet Mats for the first time!

She keeps trying to convince Emma and I to move out there too, and to be honest she really doesn't have to try as hard as she is because I'm really tempted anyway, and I know Emma is too.

I like this photo because I caught the flash on Nikki's camera... small things amuse me. It got me thinking about the idea of a series of nested photos all taken at the same time of people taking photos at the same time... but that's quite sad, so I'll stop there.

This is Emma. She's opening presents under the watchful knees of her mother. This particular present was a box of origami flowers (unmade, naturally). I got a 'Dashboard Jesus' (current favourite for this year's "Most Ironic Present" award and unlikely to be beaten by anything other than an actual Resurrection* Experience Day) and a 'make your own Mini Cooper' kit. So that's two items of evidence that Nikki knows where my buttons are.

Up close and personal with the Christmas tree decorations. If you look really closely you can actually see me in this picture. Good job I wasn't taking photos in the buff, then. Or was I...?

My sisters-out-law in our living room. What with these two and the fire, I was trying to see how much hotness my camera can take. I guess it's pretty sturdy. Will have to up the ante and include Emma next time.

Emma's hands deftly depackaging another gift. I quite like it even though nothing's in focus. I can't remember what was in this one, but it was undoubtedly entertaining. I can tell by the shape that it wasn't the Magic Unicorn Sticking Plasters with Free Toy Inside!**

I think I have a thing about fire. It takes nice photos- you get plenty of light, which means a nice fast shutter speed, so you have the effect of movement from the flames, but nice sharp images of the more solid components. Also, there's a lot of contrast, which I think can look good.

I really like this one. I set the shutter speed using the light sensor as a guide, but as I pressed the shutter release Emma's nan took a photo with her camera. The flash was caught in my image, and it has really washed out a lot of the colours. The reindeer in the picture appears to be undergoing a visitation of some sort (this may have something to do with my newly acquired Dashboard Jesus). I think he needs a name. Any suggestions?

Saving the best, in my opinion, 'til last. I think this looks great! Again, I was just playing around with the contrast given by fire in an otherwise unlit situation and thought this scene might make a good photo opportunity... Rather posh-looking, dontcha think? The skittles represent Mats's cracker winnings, and the tea-light/slate combo is a present we received from Nikki last Christmas.

Has anyone else been having any pre-Christmas Christmasses?


** The Free Toy Inside! was a tiny model of a cupid complete with bow and arrow. Which was promptly thrown at me in what I assume (or choose to believe) was a display of affection.