Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm playing with technology...

O.k., this should have a title and a couple of tags at the bottom.

I'm experimenting with publishing blog posts from my new mobile*. I'm using my phone's email software to compose the post, which I'll then send to my special posting address. This will, hopefully, result in a fully- formed, if short blog post. I think I can also attach a photo, but I'm not sure how that will be dealt with- excitement enough for another day, I'm sure you'll agree!

Things to remember for on the move email posting via
- Must start email with '@bl'
- End post with '@t' followed by tags

Things to find out:
- Is there a better way? one with more formatting freedom, for example.
- What happens to attached photos?
- Is there a way to have twittering updated with a link to each post automatically after it is published?

That's all for now. Hopefully future on-the-move posts will be more entertaining**.

* Nokia E63, if anyone's both reading and interested @t mobile, test
** ... And more on-the-move: I'm currently sat sitting in my armchair in the living room with my laptop balanced next to me. Well, it's a test, isn't it? Gotta check it's worked before I try it out 'in the field'!