Thursday, February 4, 2010

Calling all Queen fans!

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Towards the end of last year, Queen released a 'new' album: Absolute Greatest. As an enormous Queen fan, I was... disappointed. It seems to me that Queen have sold out, re-releasing the same songs on what is essentially the same album over and over again every few years. A conversation with a friend who is possibly even more of a Queen fan than I am revealed much the same feelings.

We can't be the only two! Our displeasure stems from the fact that we know that Queen have so much more to offer from their back catalogue than the same old radio-friendly previously-released single offerings that we all hear time and time again. Also, surely everyone already has Queen's greatest hits in some form or other knocking around their mp3/ CD/ cassette/ vinyl collection?

So, a few beers later we embarked upon the monumental task of picking just one unreleased* album track from each studio album (see the bottom of this post for titles, album covers and a link to Amazon) in order to produce a definitive and original** alternative introduction to Queen: A Dream Queen album, if you will.

Being a sad git, I have decided that I'd like to include a larger portion of Queen's fan base in the discussion, and this is where this blog post comes in: Below, you should find a form on which you can make your selection from the remaining album tracks (after UK single A-sides have been removed) for each of Queen's studio albums (I've omitted Flash). Please fill it in and pass it on to any other Queen fans that you know, and hopefully we can produce a plan for the definitive Queen non-singles 'best of' album. I'll write a results post at some point in the future if I feel I've had enough responses for the result to be unembarrassing!

Feel free to comment if I've omitted anything, or if you believe any non-album or live tracks would be worthy of inclusion as extras!

* Unreleased, that is, as an A-side on a UK single.
** As original as it can be, that is.