Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Bin Mostly

This week, I bin mostly...

  • Exorcising:
Probably The Best Housemates In The World
An ex-pat mate of mine has been having issues of a landlordly and otherworldly nature...

  • Laughing:
Sleep Talkin' Man
A bloke called Adam has his subconscious laid bare for all to see by his missus.

  • Anticipating:
The movie of the decade trailered exclusively:

  • Recursively posting:
The Blood is the Life: Bumper Conference Avoidance Issue
This is a response to the above, which is a response to Who's there? which is, in itself, something of a Geekwar skirmish.

  • Supporting:
The Foxes of Nevis
My mate's hiking up Ben Nevis with the aim of raising money for LOROS. Give 'im your fooking money* here: Leicester City fans climbing Ben Nevis

* Bob never actually said this (or anything similar). THIS is what he actually said.