Monday, April 12, 2010

Party in the Peaks Weekend 26/03/2010 - 28/03/2010: Photos and comments

So it was two weeks ago now, but I wanted to put all of my links and pictures from the weekend in one place...

A bunch of friends and I went on holiday to the Peak District. We rented a gorgeous cottage between ten of us that was somewhere near (but not too near) Leek at the Staffordshire end of the peaks.

Chris picked us (myself and Emma) up after school, and the Party Bus wung its way northwards. Dan and Ellie were already there, having been off work that day, and they had done all sorts of grown-up things like sorting out sleeping arrangements and buying food for the weekend.

There was no mobile signal at the cottage (it was in the middle of nowhere from any angle you cared to look, even a digital communications one), but the next day I posted a picture of a view of our cottage from the main road. If you look at that image about 1/3 of the way in from the top and right-hand side with your nose up against your screen you might just about make out a roof peaking above a clump of trees. That's where we stayed.

Having not seen each other in a while (a couple of years in some cases), Friday night consisted mainly of pizza, alcohol and catching up. --Quote of the night--

The view from our bedroom window on Saturday morning looked very much like this...

... but the fog cleared fairly quickly and the day turned into a really sunny, gorgeous one so I took the opportunity to take a couple of snaps outside...

... then we hiked across the peaks to Leek, where we found a pub called the Cock Inn. It was a nice place with decent beer, and the food was nice enough if a bit basic.

That evening we discovered and booked a table at a pub/restaurant called the Red Lion in a village called Thorncliffe, which I think we'd all recommend to anyone who's in the area and looking for some grub.

Sunday morning saw an enormous fry-up for eight people followed by packing the vehicles for the trip home. We decided to call in at Shugborough Hall on the way where much fun was had. It was a bit pricey to get in (£12 each) but worth it, I think, for a one-off trip as there was plenty to do including a ride on a road train, a working demonstration of a water mill, a look around a big ol' posh house and a cafe. We even saw the aftermath of a trio of lambs being born.

Then we went home and went to sleep the end.

Some more photos are available for the privileged few (Facebook friends):