Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Night I'm in Love

Friday's difficulty lies in choosing just one song from the many Friday-themed numbers available. I'm going to overcome this difficulty by choosing two songs. Neither will be particularly new to most readers, I don't think, but both of them are great nostaligic-yet-upbeat gems.

The first is arguably the Cure's most famous song, the second single from their 1992 album Wish. The only vaguely interesting snippet I've managed to find out about the song is one that will only interest the more musical variety of geek amongst us: Anyone who's tried to play along with the recording will know that it's slightly off-key. This is allegedly due to frontman Robert Smith fiddling with the recorder's variable tape speed before recording. Anyway, the song is Friday I'm in Love, and the video below is from a live 2008 performance. Incidentally, the original promo video is worth a watch, but I'll leave that as a reader exercise.

Next up is a track from the Darkness's first and penultimate album, Permission to Land. The album itself reached #1 in the UK album charts. Four singles were released from the album, none of which was Friday Night, so the most interesting thing about that song in my opinion is the fact that they made a video for it.

It carries on directly from the promo video for I Believe in a Thing Called Love (which reached #2 in the UK singles charts and was the Darkness's most successful single) and sees the band crash landing on a desert island having thwarted an attack from a giant pink space-squid at the end of the previous song. I haven't seen this video anywhere other than YouTube, so as far as I'm concerned at least, it counts as 'rare'. Consider yourselves treated.