Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weight loss: a pledge

It's the start of a new (academic) year, so why not make a resolution?

I, TeaKayB, pledge to lose a stone in weight by Christmas.

This should take me down to being at the lower end of 'overweight' according to my BMI so, allowing for some seasonal weight gain, I should hopefully be in a position after Christmas to make a similar pledge and get myself down to reside comfortably within my 'ideal' BMI range by Easter ish.

How am I going to manage this? There are a few parts to my strategy which, with a hefty dollop of willpower, should work together to help me de-jaffer myself:

  1. Exercise:
     - At least one hour on my exercise bike every day.
     - At least 10,000 steps (to be judged by my ipod) every day.
  2. Diet:
    I won't be dieting, as such. I will be making an attempt to change my eating habits in the hope that I can maintain my weight without too much heartache once I've reached a level at which my scales stop pleading "one at a time, please" at least until I put my second foot on as well:
     - Smaller portions
     - A greater proportion of these portions will be fruit/veg based
     - No snacking at school (I'll eat what I take, and won't go to the shop).
  3. Tracking:
    I'll be tracking my weight and BMI ch-ch-changes using my Wii and Wii Fit board. I'll weight myself most days (but don't worry; I won't post about it as often!) Hopefully this will give me an incentive to keep it up and let me know how I'm doing.
I'm going to try to be extra-saintly with all of these so that the various birthdays between now and Christmas (including my own) can be celebrated without having to say things like "I'll have the salad."

Join in
Feel free to keep me up to date with your own goals and progress with regards to weight loss- it can help if you know there's someone else trying to achieve the same thing! You can comment on my blog posts or message me on twitter- I'm @TeaKayB!

So, without further a do... let the challenge commence!

Starting weight: 12st 8lb
This corresponds to a BMI of 27.68
Target weight: 11st 8lb
This corresponds to a BMI of 25.50