Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photography - Weddings and abstract

Two friends of mine, Steve and Rachel, got married this weekend. It was a lovely wedding- one of the nicest I've been to- dispensing entirely (as far as I could see) with the religious aspects often associated with such a union and focussing entirely on the relationship (past, present and future) of the happy couple. It was a charming and unique occasion (which is only fitting) and will, I am sure, be memorable to both the new Mr & Mrs and their guests.

But this post isn't about the wedding itself: I took my Nikon D60 along and took a few snaps that I'm pretty pleased with. I'm only including non-human subjects in the pictures below because I haven't asked the permission of any humans I've snapped, and they'll have better things to think about right now!

Anyway... on with the show:

I rearranged a few of the things on our table at the reception for this one, lit with the ambient light of the venue. The colour scheme for the wedding was a gorgeous vibrant erm... reddish colour. What? I'm not a Dulux paint chart.

This is the roof space at the wedding venue. I loved the angles, colour and texture of the wooden beams, and the positions of the lights caused some really nice shadows. Shame about the ceiling fan, though.


These are the newlyweds. Steve's likeness is disturbingly accurate.


This is a small display made up of the shiny silver plastic stars that often seem to turn up on the tables at wedding receptions. I took this using the D60's flash, which gave the image a washed-out, almost supernatural look that I kind of like.


Here's the same structure taken from different angles. The lighting source this time is my phone's LED flash light, wielded by my beautiful assistant, Nick. I should probably point out that Nick is also responsible for creating the mini palace-of-light in the first place.


And one more of our crystal castle. Well, I like it.

And then Abi did this.

Gone was our creation, so we went back to doing what you're supposed to do at wedding receptions: dance, drink, eat (boy, did we do a lot of eating), and take silly yet thematically linked photographs with the requisite disposable cameras dotted around the room. I may share one or two of those if they make their way into electronic form in the near future.

Oh yes: Emma made a snowman out of sparkly bits. I've upped the contrast on this one, and think it looks pretty nifty. That could just be me, though.

Looking back through this post it appears that the photos got progressively less sensible as the evening progressed. I wonder what could have caused that.

Answers on a postcard?