Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye, 2010

This is a quick send-off to 2010 with a butchers at my resolutions as laid down in last year's New Year post.

  1. Lose the Christmas weightI managed this one! Woo! I dread to think how much I've put on during this year's festive season, though.
  2. Lose 2 more stones
    Nah, didn't manage this one... I think I lost about a stone and a half, then put the half back on again. Since making the resolution I have gone down a trouser size and maintained being able to squeeze my backside into it. I'm fitter than I can remember ever being in the past, so it's all gone in the right direction. Just not far enough.
  3. Get back into playing in a band
    I've managed this one, just! No Verdict have reformed for a New Year's Eve gig at The Warren in Kettering. We also did two 'practise runs' at the same venue a few weeks ago, and there's talk of carrying on into the new year. Watch this space...
  4. Develop some kind of social life
    I've been fairly successful with this, having developed a small but very well formed group of friends out of my work colleagues. At the other end of the scale, I've been away for a weekend or two with old friends and had a bloody good time doing it. Playing in the band also provides opportunities for talking to people who are actually real, and I've become a bit more involved in my own small corner of twitter. That last may not count much to many, but surely you can make friends without having to have them in the same room as you?
  5. Care less about what other people say, do and think about me
    I'm much better at this one, now. I occasionally have relapses, but on the whole I'm happy for people to take me as they see me. I don't often try to be something I'm not, which has allowed me to actually be me more of the time. The people who I spend the most time with are those people who choose to be around me, rather than the people I should be choosing to be around, and my happiness and comfortableness in social situations has skyrocketed as a result.
As Meatloaf may have sung had Jim Steinman written a song for him to sing about new year's resolutions, four out of five ain't bad.

What about your resolutions? Did you make any last year? Did you manage to keep to any / all of them? Please comment below, or feel free to post a link to your own post about resolutions!