Monday, February 7, 2011

Gary Moore: 04/04/1952 - 06/02/2011

Legendary blues rock guitarist and singer Gary Moore died on Sunday. He was found in his Costa del Sol hotel room after having allegedly washed a burger down with some champagne- a fine final meal for such a grand master of rock 'n' roll!

Gary Moore has played with many, many famous musicians as well as developing a successful solo career, but he is arguably most famous for his role as lead guitarist and backing vocalist for Thin Lizzy. I won't say much more because I'd just be repeating things said by thousands of bloggers across the world. Instead, I'll post a couple of videos...

First up is Thin Lizzy's Sarah. Co-written by Moore and Phil Lynott, Lizzy's frontman, and released in 1979, after Moore had left the band. It was written about Lynott's newborn and reached #24 in the British charts, but hit #5 in Germany. Gary Moore provided all of the guitar parts for the song.

Possibly my favourite Gary Moore solo number, this is Walking By Myself and pretty much epitomises what, for me, blues rock should be. Written by Jimmy Rogers in the 1950s, Moore brought it up to 1990 for his album Still Got the Blues.