Sunday, July 1, 2012

Is It A Bird? Is It A 'Plane?

Well yes, actually, it's the latter.

I spent all day yesterday at RAF Waddington with Neil**, Jo, Beth and Robin for the annual Waddington Air Show. Having been discussing photography with Carlos and Roy I have been determined to get snapping, so I took my camera* along to take a snap or two (hundred).

The day itself was great if you like aeroplanes (which I do) and there's plenty of other stuff to do with fairground rides, a couple of hangars full of various groups trying to peddle their wares (mainly further education, aerospace industry recruitment and youth opportunities) and the usual run of food vendors and assorted 'stuff people buy when they're in a field' tents. But don't want to talk too much about that as you can find reviews dotted around the internet without too much effort. What I really want to do is share some of the photographs I took.

I'm pleased with some, not pleased with others, and undecided about many. If you have any interest I'd really appreciate your comments on which ones work for you and why. All of the photos below (and on my flickr account) have, at most, been cropped and suffered some lighting adjustment. You can see the whole set here, and things to spot include two clowns and an 80s TV star!

This one's begging for captions.

Monk & Torr: Private Detectives

* It's a Nikon D60, for those who are interested.
** He'll have some pics up soon, too, so watch his twitter account for those. And they'll be better than mine.