Saturday, July 28, 2012

What I Did When Everyone Else Was Watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony

I went out and took some pictures of a dual carriageway.

I was intending to get some dusk shots of a Moonset, but the clouds had other ideas. Instead I braced myself against the bridge's safety rail, dropped the ISO, raised the exposure time and had a play with some nearly-nighttime photography. I apologise if these aren't all that interesting.

This is the A14 as it runs through Kettering.

This is a more cropped image taken from the same position as above.

And again, a different crop with a slightly longer exposure time. I like the fact that I caught someone exiting.

This is the A14 from a different bridge. If you were to carry on down the A14 in the direction the previous photo is looking, you'd get to the bridge I was standing on to take this one. You can just about see the place I was standing earlier in this photo.

Here's the bridge I was standing on. There's some colour correction going on here, courtesy of Picasa's "I'm feeling lucky" feature. I like what happened.

And the same bridge, but looking the other way.

Thank you, and good night.